Police Misconduct

The Police are Supposed To Protect Us but Sometimes ...

The Police sometimes act in ways we wish they would not.  It is a violation of your civil rights if the police wrongfully arrest you, wrongfully imprison you, maliciously prosecute you, and if they assault you or use an excessive amount of force.

In New York City, in order to bring a case in State Court, you need to serve a Notice of Claim upon the city within ninety (90) days of the incident.  That means you can't wait to speak to a lawyer.  Want to save time?  Click the button on the right to write me to schedule and appointment.  Or call (212) 431-5757.

The statute of limitations to sue the City for negligence under State Law is one year (and ninety days), so do not delay.

In order to have a viable claim for wrongful arrest, you must have a favorable disposition at the end of your case - and acquittal or outright dismissal.  If you plead to charges, you will not be able to purse this claim.  Of course, any decision you make in this regard should be made with the attorney representing you in the criminal case.

Even if you do not have a viable claim of wrongful arrest, however, the police are only supposed to use reasonable force in the commission of their duties.  If you have been punched, kicked, choked, or otherwise injured, you may have a claim for excessive use of force in New York

I have successfully represented victims of police misconduct in New York.  Do not wait to seek counsel.  Contact me today.

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